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Welcome to Surval Gstaad

May I extend a warm welcome to Surval Gstaad, a small international boarding school for boys. Our school is more than just about academic learning; it's about the whole self. We allow boys growing into young men to discover themselves in an environment of startling natural beauty. The experiences gained at Surval Gstaad will make a real difference to the development of each individual student, with the school providing the framework for reinforcing the values which will make them a force for good in our ever changing, ever more competitive globalised world.

We are academically ambitious for our boys and provide stimulating, enjoyable and rigorous programmes, but we also want them to live lives that are personally and socially fulfilling by providing a vast range of opportunities to advance their sense of discovery and to develop their personal qualities of leadership, integrity and respect.

And all this in the heart of the Swiss Alps: Gstaad - Saanen - the archetypal Swiss Alpine village and valley is the setting for Surval Gstaad; a stunning peaceful countryside, steeped in Swiss culture, surrounded by epic mountains, tumbling rivers and some of the greenest fields in the world; an ideal place for aspiring young men to thrill in an adventurous education using the local environment to its fullest in both summer and winter.

Come and visit us, you will be amazed.

Tim McConnell-Wood Headmaster

Tim McConnell-Wood

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